News | February 12, 2015

Robust Low Temperature Warewashing

Jackson Warewashing Systems has recently improved their Conserver® XL low temperature single rack door-type dishmachine to meet the latest ENERGY STAR® requirements. The NEW Conserver XL-E boasts a low water consumption of only 1.02 gallons of water per rack and cleans up to 39 racks per hour. The Conserver XL-E is a chemical sanitizing dishmachine that reduces demand for hot water, saving on utility bills and reducing operating costs.

The dump and fill design of the Conserver XL-E disposes of dirty water, replacing it with a fresh water rinse every cycle. The self-draining stainless steel pump eliminates soil/detergent carryover between wash and rinse cycles. The internal sump saves space and provides a more aesthetic appeal to the dishmachine. Built-in chemical pumps come standard and a low product indicator light alerts the user whenever the machine runs out of chemical products.

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