News | February 24, 2017

Jackson Combines Energy Recovery with its RackStar® Conveyor

Jackson Warewashing Systems introduces the RackStar High-Temperature Single-Tank Rack Conveyor with Energy Recovery.  Rated at only 0.35 gallons per rack, it is one of the lowest water consumption machines available in its product class.  The Energy Recovery System captures exhaust heat that is repurposed to heat the incoming cold water.  Ground temperature water passes through the heat exchanger which uses this “free” heat to elevate the temperature of the water to 110°F before it enters the 27kW booster heater.  This process reduces overall energy consumption and saves thousands of dollars versus non-energy recovery models with higher water consumption.  Available in 44” and 66” (22” pre-wash added) models.

In addition to the Energy Recovery technology, RackStar comes loaded with features to provide outstanding results, ease of operation and lasting performance.  Self-Cleaning Wash Arms, Adjustable Rainbow Rinse™, Energy Guard™ and Digital LED Control Panel are just a few of the features that make the RackStar a great performer in the dishroom.

Outstanding results begin with wash action delivered by twelve specially designed, labor saving, self-cleaning wash arms with non-clogging nozzles.  Wash water powered by a three horsepower pump motor effectively removes the foodsoil for Clean the First Time® performance.  The exclusive Rainbow Rinse arms have an arched design to provide superior rinse action.  With the Adjustable Rinse System, the operator can select the Econo Rinse which uses only 0.35 gallons per rack and is suitable for normal operations or Turbo Rinse which uses 0.52 gallons per rack and is ideal for heavier soiled loads.

Operation is simple thanks to the fully-automatic start and auto-fill.  Pressing the Power button initiates the automatic fill of the wash tank and the tank heat brings the wash water to the proper temperature.  When a dishrack enters the machine our Energy Guard™ system starts the Dual Pawl drive system and activates the wash pump.  As the rack conveys through the machine the Energy Guard system activates the rinse once when the rack reaches the rinse area.  This reduces the use of fresh rinse water and rinse aid chemical.  An easy to read digital control panel is located on the front of the machine and features LED for greater visibility.  The controls provide the operator with Status of the Machine (Wash, Rinse Cycle, Delime, etc), the temperature of the water and the selected rinse cycle.

Jonathan Akin

VP of Sales and Marketing
Jackson WWS, Inc.
Phone:  1.888.800.5672

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