Meet the DynaTemp

The DynaTemp is rated at only 0.69 gallons of water per rack - the lowest water consumption machine available in its class! It comes loaded with features that provide outstanding results, ease of operation and lasting performance. A one-piece sloped hood design, digital controls and Triple Wash Arm are just a few of the features that make this door-type a dynamic addition to the Jackson lineup.

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Designed with You in Mind

Easy-to-read digital controls, a full wrap tubular handle, and a door-activated drain closure are just the beginning. With the DynaTemp, operating a high-quality, high-efficiency door-type dishmachine has never been easier.

To make general operation even more convenient, the DynaTemp’s sloped hood design moves steam and heat to the rear of the unit whenever the door is opened.

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Experience the DynaTemp

With Jackson’s DynaTemp dishmachine, you get dynamic performance with superior results.  Using only 0.69 gallons of water per rack, the fully automatic DynaTemp boasts the lowest rate of water consumption in its class.  Features like digital LED controls, three selectable timed cycles, and the exclusive triple wash arm make this one dishmachine that isn’t playing around.

Clean at Every Angle

The DynaTemp’s innovative triple wash arm is engineered to focus more water on your dishes for superior cleaning performance. Additionally, the DynaTemp is:

  • Fully automatic (including auto-fill)
  • Available in electric or steam
  • Exclusive Sani-Sure™ technology to ensures proper sanitation
  • Self-draining stainless steel pump
  • Ready to go with three selectable timed cycles for flexibility and performance
  • Highly efficient, ensuring absolute minimal water and chemical usage

Ready for a New Kind of Clean?

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