JFT Flight-Type

Jackson’s JFT model flight machines, available in electric or steam, go above and beyond your basic warewasher. Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, this customizable masterpiece is the very definition of “heavy duty.”  With features that include low water consumption and flexible design—this dishmachine allows its users to experience the meaning of true convenience and combine to make the JFT Flight a perfect fit for high-temperature sanitation needs across a multitude of industries.

  • Low water consumption
  • Durable, stainless steel construction
  • Also available in the LoH2O Flight-Type
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621 LB



  • Uses 139.2 gallons (526.9 liters) of water per hour with sanitizing hot water rinse
  • All tanks and hoods constructed from durable stainless steel with a No.3 finish and heliarced welded
  • Stainless steel frame, legs, and feet
  • Two-tank rackless conveyor shall have a maximum capacity of 14,964 dishes per hour at a belt speed of 8.6 (2.6 M) feet per minute. At 6.8 feet (2 M) per minute capacity will be 11,832 dishes per hour
  • Belt width of 29” (737 mm) and a maximum clearance of 25” (635mm) throughout the machine
  • Enclosure panels, hood and doors are stainless steel and double wall insulated to reduce heat dissipation, outside surface temperatures, and noise pollution
  • Insulated access doors for removal, cleaning, and servicing
  • V-shape tank(s) design to increase visibility and accessibility for cleaning, as well as, ensure complete tank draining
  • Heated power rinse zone uses fresh rinse water a second time to provide pristine results
  • A sequential digital temperature readout of each tank housed in the door of the electrical control panel. The readouts will constantly display the temperature of the pre-wash, wash, power rinse and nal rinse in 5-second intervals
  • A ball valve in the drain line of each tank and interconnected to a common machine drain connection at the load end of the machine
  • Each tank will be automatically filled and maintained by a water level float. Water will be automatically added to the machine when required
  • Block manifold wash arms are easy to remove, clean, and replace with non-clogging convex wash-arm jets
  • Large, removable scrap screens
  • Self-draining stainlesssteel pumps, impellers, and housings are readily accessible and serviceable
  • Conveyor belt drive operates at two speeds and is protected by an over- load safety device and an automatic shut-down actuator
  • Each door is equipped with a door safety switch to prevent it from running when the door(s) are open. If a door is opened during operation the switch will immediately shut down the machine
  • Operator activated start-stop switches on both the load and unload ends and the control panel
  • Removable insulated panels to enclose the unit down to the base frame on both the front and rear of the machine
  • A single, built-in18” (457mm) diameter indirect vent connection with a 0.19 hp exhaust fan mounted in a cleanable cross duct on the machine for condensate removal and indirect vent connection
  • 3” minimum wall clearance
  • Service access from front of machine
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  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Correctional Facilities
“Jackson's team was patient, friendly, and willing to help me find the exact machine I needed. As far as selection and service go, they're highly recommended.”
Jordan Daly

Love the JFT Flight-Type?

A high-performance dishmachine for high-temperature sanitation needs that saves users time, energy, and water.
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