LoH2O® Flight-Type

Jackson flight-types go way beyond basic. The LoH2O uses just 58 gallons of water per hour.  That’s amazing!  We’ll customize and fit your high temperature sanitizing flight to meet your specific needs while still delivering Jackson value. From its heavy gauge stainless steel construction to its low water consumption, the LoH2O is the definition of heavy duty while its construction and design demonstrate flexibility and accessibility.

  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Low Water Consumption
  • Also Available in Original JFT Flight
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621 LB



  • High temperature sanitizing flight machine
  • Rackless two-speed conveyor moves up to 11,094 dishes per hour and uses only 58 gallons of water per hour
  • All tanks and hoods constructed from durable stainless steel
  • Exclusive Rainbow Rinse™ features an arched, removable upper rinse arm
  • Constructed in 3′ modular sections for customization and maneuverability
  • 25″ clearance accommodates larger wares
  • Block manifold wash arms are easy to remove, clean, and replace with non-clogging convex wash arm jet
  • Entire machine is serviceable from the front of the machine
  • Double-wall insulation keeps interior water hot, exterior surfaces cool and significantly reduces noise pollution
  • Insulated access doors for easy access, cleaning and servicing
  • Sloped tank design increases visibility and accessibility for cleaning as well as insures complete tank draining
  • Heated power rinse zone uses fresh rinse water a second time to provide pristine results
  • Sequential digital temperature readout of each tank is housed in the door of the electrical control panel. The readouts will constantly display the temperature of the prewash, wash, power rinse and final rinse in 5-second intervals.
  • Large, removable scrap screens
  • Tanks can be individually drained, and are interconnected to a common machine drain connection at the load end of the machine
  • Each tank will be automatically filled and maintained by a dual water level float—water is automatically added to the machine as required
  • Self-draining stainless steel pumps, impellers, and housings are readily accessible and serviceable
  • Conveyor belt drive operates at two speeds and is protected by an overload safety device and an automatic shut-down actuator
  • Each door is equipped with a safety switch. If a door is opened during operation, the
    switch will immediately shut the machine down
  • Operator activated start-stop switches on both the load and unload ends and the control panel
  • External drain level eliminates reaching into a hot machine
  • Assembly of all flight sections, including internal wiring, piping, thermometers and leveling of the machine is performed by Jackson factory-authorized personnel. The Jackson factory-authorized personnel will also conduct a performance test and operator training at the time of assembly. Final utility connections for plumbing and electrical shall be provided by others and should be conducted by an authorized and licensed tradesman in accordance with local, state and national building codes and guidelines. All Jackson Flight-type machines come standard with a one-year Parts & Labor Warranty and a two-year quarterly Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) through the local Jackson Authorized Service Agent (ASA).
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  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Correctional Facilities
“Jackson's team was patient, friendly, and willing to help me find the exact machine I needed. As far as selection and service go, they're highly recommended.”
Jordan Daly

Love the LoH20 JFT Flight Machine?

From a high-performance rinse unit that utilizes only 58 gallons of water per hour to whisper-quiet operation, the LoH2O is pure energy efficiency.
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