TempStar® GPX

Our four-cycle TempStar GPX offers a combination of warewashing flexibility and performance. Choose from one of four timed cycles on the top-mounted controls and clean 57 racks per hour using just 1 gallon of water per rack. Gas booster heater is included. All TempStar models are field convertible from straight-through to corner and vice versa and constructed from stainless steel.

  • Gas Tank Heat
  • High Temperature Sanitizing Door-Type
  • Cleans 57 Racks per Hour
  • Only 1.0 Gallon of Water per Rack
  • Fully Automatic 58-Second Cycle
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400 LB



  • High temperature sanitizing, single rack door-type dishmachine
  • Cleans 57 racks per hour, using only 1.0 gallon of water per rack
  • Fully automatic 58-second cycle
  • Four selectable time cycles for warewashing flexibility and performance
  • 17 ¼” door opening accepts 18″ trays
  • Auto-fill/auto-start
  • Specially designed stainless steel nozzles provide superior cleaning action
  • Self-draining stainless steel pump (no cast iron or plastics) assures no detergent residue between wash and final rinse cycles
  • Top mounted controls are easy to read and access
  • Hi-limit thermostat and low water protection
  • External gas booster heater – capable of minimum 70° F (21° C) temperature rise – recirculates water through stainless steel coils in wash tank to maintain 150° F (66° C) degree minimum temperature
  • Large scrap tray
  • Uses standard 20″ x 20″ (508 mm x 508 mm) racks
  • Door switch
  • Delime/manual wash switch
  • Exhaust vent fan control
  • Field convertible for straight-through to corner and vice versa
  • Front stainless steel dress panel
  • Efficient ¾ HP wash pump motor
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Adjustable bullet feet
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  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
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