About Jackson Warewashing Systems

Jackson WWS, Inc. is a full-line supplier and leading producer of high-quality commercial dishmachines—all made in the USA. We stand by our “Clean the First Time” commitment with dishmachines that deliver optimal cleaning performance while reducing labor, chemical, and utility costs. With more standard features and a lower acquisition and operating cost, Jackson sets the standard for warewashing.


We do what we love best. We’re part of a tradition founded on a passion for designing, engineering, and building that which has never existed, producing warewashing equipment that performs in remarkable ways.


For nearly a century, we’ve striven to achieve excellence in product performance, product quality, and service. We’ve honed the creation of patented, cutting-edge innovations backed by unsurpassed quality and unbelievable strength.


We produce specialized, quality machines for the food service industry that are energy-efficient, built-to-specification, and built-to-last. Each and every Jackson dishmachine is designed to be economically feasible while achieving quality results.

Ready to make a big impact?

Are you passionate about designing, engineering, and building that which has never existed? Join a talented team and help create innovative solutions for tomorrow by understanding the needs of our customers today.

  • Training and skills development opportunities available for all employees
  • Sponsored health plans, short and long-term disability, and 401k investment benefits available
  • Generous and flexible vacation time and paid holidays

99 Years of Innovation

In 1925, the Jackson Dishwasher Company was founded in Cleveland, OH by Otto Jackson.

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The Jackson Dishwasher Company

The Jackson Dishwasher Company was purchased by Ecolab in 1994, who brought a number of changes to the company— including its name!

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Jackson Machine Sales Company

Jackson MSC was acquired by Hoshizaki USA Holdings, Inc. and the name was officially changed to Jackson Warewashing Systems.

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Jackson Acquired by Hoshizaki

In 2016, Jackson publicly announced its nationwide expansion with new warehouse space in California. As for what’s next, only time will tell!

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Jackson Goes West!

Eco-Friendly Machines

Jackson innovates to lower the cost of ownership through water, chemical, and energy savings while delivering “Clean the First Time®” performance. The amount of water consumed during the operation of the dishmachine determines the sewage, chemical, and electrical costs of the machine. Jackson strives to reduce the overall consumption of water in each dishmachine we offer.

In fact, the RackStar and ENERGY STAR® qualified DynaStar machines have some of the lowest water consumption in their respective product categories. Our high temperature door-type dishmachine, the DynaStar, uses only 0.70 gallons of water per rack and the rack conveyor, RackStar, uses just 0.35 gallons per rack.

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