Conserver XL® HH

The Conserver® XL HH accommodates 60-qt mixing bowls and sheet pans. It’s constructed of durable stainless steel and contains no plastics or soft metals. It cleans 39 racks per hour and uses 1.61 gallons of water per rack in each fully-automatic cycle. With field convertibility, built-in chemical pumps, and a stainless steel self-draining pump, the Conserver® XL HH is ready to meet your needs.

  • Chemical Sanitizing
  • Single Rack, High Hood Door-Type
  • Fully Automatic Cycle
  • Low Chemical Indicator Lights
  • Built-In Chemical Pumps
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300 LB



  • Chemical sanitizing, single rack, high hood door-type dishmachine
  • Cleans 39 racks per hour, using 1.61 gallons of water per rack
  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Electromechanical timer
  • Built-in chemical pumps and priming switches
  • Built-in stainless steel scrap accumulator
  • 17 1/2″ (470 mm) vertical inside clearance
  • Self-draining stainless steel pump (no cast iron or plastics) ensures no detergent residue between wash and final rinse cycles
  • Convenient top-mounted controls are easy to read and access
  • Low chemical indicator lights
  • Delimer switch
  • Interchangeable upper and lower stainless steel wash/rinse arms
  • Field convertible for straight-through to corner and vice versa
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Adjustable bullet feet
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  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Bars

Love the Conserver XL HH?

With more standard features that provides optimal cleaning power, the durable Conserver series dishmachines are competitively priced workhorses.
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