Prepare for an Unforgettable Performance

Jackson has set a new standard of excellence in warewashing! From water and utility savings to performance and a low cost of ownership, the RackStar steals the show! Loaded with best-in-class energy-saving features like the Dual Rainbow Rinse, the RackStar provides one-pass cleaning performance, getting wares Clean the First Time®.

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Use Less Water, Less Chemicals, and Less Energy!

When it comes to all-out efficiency, the RackStar’s got the competition beat. With the lowest water usage in Jackson’s conveyor class, the RackStar requires significantly less water to clean than the nearest competitor, utilizing an impressive 0.35 gallons per rack. Less water usage means less detergent, sanitizer, and rinse aid required in each cycle, saving you chemical costs. Finally, using less water enables the RackStar to utilize a smaller tank and booster heaters, lowering overall energy costs for years to come. Now that’s an encore-worthy package.

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All the Bells and Whistles

A true original, the RackStar has a host of innovative and helpful features. A dual pawl bar provides easy access to scrap baskets and better balance to the rack as it’s conveyed through the machine. Hinged doors provide uncomplicated access into the wash chamber for cleaning and maintenance.

Solid-state controls feature a digital LED display that communicates temperature, status, and cycle selection. Finally, an adjustable rinse feature caters to your specific needs: RackStar’s standard Econo Rinse uses only 0.35 gallons per racks, while its Turbo Rinse uses 0.52 and is ideal for heavier soiled loads.

But Wait...There's More!

If you thought you’ve seen all that the RackStar has to offer, hold on to your seat. There’s a lot more that RackStar’s bringing to your town:

  • Exclusive Rainbow Rinse Arms that provide superior rinse action
  • Hinged doors for easy access
  • Specifically designed self-cleaning wash arms with non-clogging nozzles
  • Adjustable vent cowl collars allow flexibility in replace scenarios
  • Optional onboard booster heater
  • Quiet, self-draining stainless steel wash pump
  • Splash shields
  • Adjustable bullet feet
  • Optional higher than standard chamber height

Ready for a New Kind of Clean?

Contact Jackson today to get the most efficient, durable, and energy efficient dishmachines in the industry.
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