RackStar® 66 with Energy Recovery

Boost your savings with the optional Energy Recovery System available on our RackStar 44 Conveyor! The Energy Recovery System captures exhaust heat that is repurposed to heat the incoming cold water before it enters the booster heater.  Ground temperature water passes through the heat exchanger which uses this “free” heat to elevate the temperature of the water to 110°Fr.  This process reduces overall energy consumption and saves thousands of dollars versus non-energy recovery models with higher water consumption.  Available in 44” and 66” (22” pre-wash added) models.

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1193 LB



  • 19-3/4” (502 mm) clearance
  • Energy Recovery System
  • Adjustable Rainbow Rinse – Econo or Turbo
  • 27kW electric booster heater
  • Dual pawl bar
  • 22″ pre-wash with three upper and one lower pre-wash arms
  • WISR® Cleaning System
  • Double-wall insulated doors retain heat, keeping wash water hot and generating less heat in the dish room
  • Self-cleaning wash arms
  • Fully automatic, including auto-fill
  • Built-in pressure regulator
  • Exclusive EnergyGuard™ controls
  • Self-draining stainless steel wash-pump
  • Adjustable vent cowl collars
  • Digital LED control panel
  • Large front access for ease of maintenance
  • Stainless steel strainer pans
  • Splash shields
  • Stainless steel frame and legs
  • Exhaust vent fan control
  • 15kW wash tank heater
  • Front dress panel
  • Optional higher than standard chamber height
  • Adjustable bullet feet
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  • Nursing Care Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Correctional Facilities
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Jordan Daly